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Symmetry Payroll Forms allow for a complete automation of the withholding form process at the federal, state and local level. The solutions work on any platform – PC or mobile – and automatically pre-set any local tax settings using Symmetry Payroll Forms’ Web Service.

It's simple. Picture it. Your employees prepare their forms online with our powerful technology by going through a guided process to select the correct forms or choosing from a short list. After the forms are completed and submitted online, that data can be printed, emailed, or posted back to your company’s server.

Whether you want to receive data directly and have it update your HR system or print copies is completely up to you. We even take care of all updates and releases for you, so your system will always run smoothly.

All that important data –social security numbers, addresses, martial statuses – isn’t stored anywhere EVER. The process is between you and Symmetry Software, and no one else.

Hosted: Symmetry Payroll Forms are hosted on Symmetry Software’s servers. The completed transactions are printed, emailed or posted back. Depending on your requirements, you can quickly and easily deploy over 130 federal, state, and local forms as “employee self-service forms.”

On-Premise: The on-premise version is a Web Application Archive (.war file) installed on a client’s servers. This model can work fully with your payroll or HR system.