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Symmetry Software offers both hosted and software development kit options for employees to prepare Federal, State and Local Withholding Form preparation.

The Hosted version of the Symmetry Payroll Forms offers a Guided process to gather employee selections and generate over 142 Federal, State and Local withholding forms, using the built-in Multi-State Library to handle reciprocity and nexus to determine proper forms to be prepared. The Hosted version includes a Web-service call to validate the home and work addresses to pre-fill local tax values into the forms. Optionally, the employee may select a specific form to prepare and be guided through its completion.  The Forms are pre-filled by employee entry of information or via an interface from your payroll system; the Results of the transactions are either downloaded or posted back into your Payroll system.  learn more

Symmetry Payroll Forms On-Premise Version is installed in your internal servers. It consists of a Web Application Archive (.war file) of the Forms, Multi-State Rules, Reciprocity and Nexus settings and your Preferences. It contains over 142 forms, including Federal, State and Local withholding forms, including special purpose withholding forms like Exempt, Military, Military Spouse, Student, Non-Resident, etc. The Forms include field- and form-level validation to reduce errors and all worksheet calculations are automated and built-in. learn more