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What is an Electronic Withholding Form

Electronic Withholding Forms allow an employee to prepare their federal, state and local forms just like they do with paper and pen, except they use a computer to make their selections. Symmetry Payroll Forms automates this process.

How do Electronic Withholding Forms Work?
  • Withholding Forms are published by the tax jurisdictions, containing values needed to withhold proper payroll taxes.
  • Forms are pre-filled with values from the Payroll/HR system.
  • Symmetry Payroll Forms guides employees to the right forms or allows specific forms to be completed.
  • The Employee chooses their values and submits the forms for processing. Completed Forms and data are interfaced into the Payroll/HR system.

How can it Work for me?
Symmetry Software offers both hosted and on-premise versions of Symmetry Payroll Forms for federal, state, and local withholding form preparation. Select an option below.
Symmetry Payroll Forms are hosted on Symmetry Software’s servers. The completed form/transaction is either downloaded or posted to your server.  Learn More   Symmetry Payroll Forms On-Premise version delivers a Web Application Archive (.war file) that you install on your servers. Full integration with your Payroll/HR system allows for pre-filling the Forms with employee data and updating Payroll/HR after a transaction. Your programmers build your business rules into the process. Learn More